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Advice for Succeeding at Job Interviews

Have you just landed an interview for your dream job? Congratulations are in order for having the fortitude to take the next step in your career. Remind yourself that you most likely were only called in for the interview because you have the skill set and experience level to meet the requirements for the position. Don’t fret over whether or not you’re actually qualified – you most likely are. Follow these suggestions from the human resource professional to ensure your interview is a huge success.  Do know that the interview is always a two way street. Not only is the interview an opportunity for the hiring manager to determine if you’re a fit for the position and the company culture, but the interview is also an opportunity for you to determine if the company culture matches your disposition and the position in question meets your career objectives.

The most important thing to wear to a job interview is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence.  Take advantage of the awesome professional styles available at Ann Taylor and enjoy even more savings using a Groupon coupon. Everyone likes to save. Select conservative neutral colors. A jacket and skirt or slacks and a blazer are both very appropriate for a job interview. Leave the bling and wild hairstyles for the weekend. You goal is to make professional first impression, showing that you have respect for the position, the hiring manager and yourself.  These messages will come across in the attire you select.

Finally, commit to doing your research on the hiring firm. View the profile of the hiring manager on a professional networking website. Spend ample time studying the company’s website. Learn about the products, services and general industry. Who are the largest competitors and what is the company’s market share? Knowing the … Read More ...

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